Better Late Than Never! #MondayBlogs

Your writing environment.

I think it’s safe to say that we all have one: that space we nestle into with our laptop or notebook and start to make the magic happen on the page. Personally, I’m a “free range” kind of writer. I will write at my desk, on the couch, in bed, at the kitchen counter while supervising homework or cooking. Heck, I’ll even pull over and text myself if an idea pops up while I’m driving.

The one thing all of these locations have in common? They’re all my own. I’m a homebody at heart, and I like to feel relaxed enough to lose myself in the story I craft.

Take a look around your space. What do you see? Are there negative distractions? Positive ones? (I’m a big fan of having something on topic or uplifting to look at when in “thinking mode.”) Do you have a space? A library you love to go to?

Virginia Woolf told us that we need a “room” of our own, and some financial independence, in order to thrive and create as writers. I’d like to encourage everyone to carve out that space for a “writer’s closet” of your own – to any design or idea you’d like.

Writing may be a solitary pursuit, but that doesn’t mean the scenery needs to be dull!

Happy #Monday on #Wednesday, and blessings to you all…

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