A Car Full of Passengers…#wwwblogs #WriterWednesday

We downsized my vehicle recently. Instead of the "mom minivan," I travel with greater fuel efficiency now. And far fewer seats. Picking up Moses and Maddie today was an adventure. I'd been back and forth between writer/editor/marketer/publicist all day, and was pondering a snag I had hit. I was playing Pandora on the car and … Continue reading A Car Full of Passengers…#wwwblogs #WriterWednesday

WARRIOR – A #WriterWednesday #SneakPeek

In the final edits phase of the new novel, "Warrior." This is Book 4 in the "Blood Curse" series - it is the sequel to Blessings, Damnation, and Darkness. Just giving you a little teaser here. "The air was a hot, sweaty fist that clutched at her throat. Whispers and moans and distant electricity shifted … Continue reading WARRIOR – A #WriterWednesday #SneakPeek

Character Sketch…#WriterWednesday

Sirena. Who is she, and why should you care? As the Blood Curse series has progressed, we have moved into the stories of Finola O'Bannion's various cousins: "Darkness" gave us Mara's journey, and the upcoming "Warrior" will tell the tale of Sirena. Sirena is one of the younger cousins. She's a teenager at the start … Continue reading Character Sketch…#WriterWednesday