A Car Full of Passengers…#wwwblogs #WriterWednesday

We downsized my vehicle recently. Instead of the “mom minivan,” I travel with greater fuel efficiency now. And far fewer seats.

Picking up Moses and Maddie today was an adventure. I’d been back and forth between writer/editor/marketer/publicist all day, and was pondering a snag I had hit. I was playing Pandora on the car and just singing along, clearing my head.

Waiting in the pick up line, the solution hit me. I was thrilled. Mind you, our pick up line moves at a pace that makes molasses in January look like a March Hare. Hey, it’s the elementary school side, so you have to realize those little ones don’t move at warp speed. 🙂

Not today. Today that line moved forward in a snap, before I could even dictate a note to myself in my phone. Before I knew it, I not only had Moses and Maddie in the car, but also a whole cast of characters: Sirena, Fin, Mac – and let me tell you, Deerhounds are not small animals.

A brain bender. It’s one of those days when writer brain and real life are crowding each other.

On the up side? Re-writing the part that just didn’t ring true. And, hey, my children look at me like I’m mostly crazy the rest of the time anyway.

Happy writing, and blessings to you all.

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