I am wiped out!  I literally spend hours on the phone each day, chasing down referrals and HMO approvals (or disapprovals).  Each person I speak to gives me a whole new story, and nothing seems to actually get done.  I should have a Case Manager, but none has been assigned (I am now assured I will have one by 9:00 am tomorrow).  A representative suggested that I need a Social Worker???  Ummmmmm, well, no I think that the people who are supposed to be working on my case should be doing what they say they are supposed to do — and do it in a timely fashion.

You know, it’s funny, because I have absolute faith in God’s positive outcome for me and my little family (or not so little horde these days).  My trust in my medical practitioners and my insurance is shot.

So tonight, for fun times at Casa Perkins-Slee, I get to go back and write up every conversation down to names, dates, times and content so that I can take my fancy medical French degree (NOT!) and try a different way to make this health stuff happen.

I am tired, discouraged, frustrated, angry, and quite possibly a little bit dehydrated from the sheer volume of crying I have done today.  I really want to lie down in a cool, dark room.  Instead, I am trying to gear my mind and my attitude up to be a boxer.  Clearly, in this situation, I need to knock out everyone who stands in between me and my health.  I’d really like a nap, though. 🙂

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