It’s Only Gas…#MondayBlogs

My Monday blogging schedule has been hijacked.  I'm telling myself I have gas. I'm in the ER to make sure I'm completely overreacting to said gas (which is ominously lingering on the lower right side of my abdomen).  Lara is sitting here with me, waiting for a CT scan.  For a couple that spent our … Continue reading It’s Only Gas…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Proverbs

No, not only the book in the Bible. A proverb is just a saying that imparts some wisdom or truth. Proverbs are often masquerading as advice. 🙂 Since I reblogged from Learning Without Scars this morning, I thought today's blog should offer up a few of my favorite proverbs. Plus, we can hit an international … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Proverbs

Friday Filosophy v2014-24

Dad's thoughts this Friday. I especially like the Swedish Proverb!

A Killer Among Us…#MondayBlogs

A Succubus is a demon that takes human form. In legend, the succubus seduces her victims and slowly steals their health, their strength, and, ultimately, their lives. This is not a story about that kind of succubus. This succubus is equally dark, and can ultimately steal lives. It is not seductive, just insidious. Have you … Continue reading A Killer Among Us…#MondayBlogs

Standards of Performance Wednesday April 16th @ Noon Pacific

For those of you seeking advanced training, here are the updates and synopses from the world of webinars.