It occurred to me today that, by the time all of this is done, I will be the bionic woman:  parts removed, some replaced with brand new man-made stuff… Huh… Will I suddenly look like Lindsay Wagner?  Will I be faster when I run?  Super Strong?  Will that weird sound effect occur when I move? 🙂

I still find myself waiting.  Feeling like T.S. Eliot a bit — my thoughts seem to be making sense only to me, and at that just barely.  I am so blessed though, and continually trying to hold on to that feeling.

I wish I had major silliness to report.  All I truly have is a bit of a forewarning: Becky is planning to maintain this blog for me when I have surgery.  Yep.  I know.  The girl who cusses like a sailor and spells phonetically will be broadcasting to you all.  I would apologize in advance, but for the fact that she will probably keep you laughing.  Hey, if she can crack me up over cancer, she’ll crack you up over being a bystander.  Trust me.

Sometimes, when I look at her I realize she is just not a nice person.  She’s sweet, but she’s a dick.  I say this makes her a “sweet dick” but after that it all just loses clarity.  I mean, really, sweet dick sounds like sweet gherkin.  Or some kind of odd food item.  Okay, probably only to me.  (And if you are wondering, she is right next to me giggling over this.  No, she says she is getting ready to beat me up.  I hope she avoids the tumor — I don’t need 3,000,000,000 cancer cells breaking loose in there.)

This is what I sound like after 4 straight days of completely overdoing it around here.  I had the four hour hair appointment (pretty hair), complete with road trip.  I had an early Easter celebration for the kids, complete with road trip AGAIN.  And then the laundry, housecleaning, and major cooking.  Oy.  I can barely move.

So, from this rambling mentality, I wish you all a beautiful night and many blessings…  Love from here!

2 thoughts on “Bionic…

  1. Please let us all know when u r having surgery. I will be praying and would like to add u to a prayer list with my women’s group. Hope your spirits are staying up….sounds like Becky is doing that for you. 🙂

    • As soon as I know, I will let you know. As of today, it is looking like I will have to have three surgeries. Still no chemo, though, so I am incredibly thankful!!!! Love and hugs to you…

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