Children, and Cancer, and Bills…Oh, my!

Ahhhhhhhh…welcome to Monday morning.

And it’s a true Monday, people.  Nightmarish start, bad financial news, a glitch with Disability, kids acting up, etc.

No one lost a limb or drew blood, so I think we can thank our stars for that!

We are writing a household budget at the moment here.  Fun times.  And doing an analysis of future expenses, it just got worse.

I have a girlfriend who manages all of her expenses with her five children, solo.  With two of us, we are barely squeaking by.  I always thought I didn’t know how she was managing the time issues alone to begin with, but now I have to say doubly that I really don’t know how she manages.

Disability, of course, never fully covers the previous salary.  Therefore, if they run behind at all, I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

What a start to the day, much less the week.

For a sarcastic moment, I have to add that I thought the death of Osama Bin Laden was supposed to fix everything?  Was it not?  🙂  I know, obnoxious…

I am digging for humor.  I am.  Especially when faced with the reality that I have to be on disability right now.  I can’t make it through an entire day on my feet, not if I expect to leave my bed for the next two days.

I need peace, calm, clarity.  They seem to be in short supply for me.  And when you are running at high anxiety to begin with, any added pressures are a killer.

Sorry so low, and boring, today people!  Still sending blessings…

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