Poetic collaboration…

I grew up with Eric Ketzer, and was penpals with him during his Navy years.  He is my absolute favorite person to “poem” with: I love reading his words, and I truly enjoy his imagery and evocative language.

He gave me the go-ahead to throw one of his poems on here today.  First is his, followed by my poetic response.

Waking with manufactured images

creating a water ballet in grey matter

merging ancient images with modern stills

forming the movie that greeted

cognition with smiles

Embracing the sensation of you

in my chest

breathing in unison as it was meant to be

Eric often says he comes from the “Ginsberg” school of writing.  In other words, he has the confidence to let his words stand without laborious editing.  🙂  I, of course, am far too neurotic for that.

Traces of adoration lingering

growing for the man

once the boy I knew

in rest I turn to you

through distance and dreams

arms warmed by longing

So, this may be the last post today, but was going through a notebook while I was stuck in bed and found them both — and just could not resist posting.

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