Future Perfect…

This week I have devoted quite a bit of time to “what comes next.”

I know I will be able to return to what I liked to think of as a normal life by the start of next year.  Even between chemo and surgeries, I will be done by then.  As it is, I know that I am mentally feeling much better than I was leading up to, and immediately following, surgery:  roughly translated, being housebound can be quite frustrating to me. 🙂  That being said, I understand why I am limited to mostly staying close to home – my immune system bottoms out every other week; and my average week consists of anywhere from three to four doctors’ visits.  It’s really sort of impossible to maintain a schedule other than the medical one.  Again, frustrating, as my mind feels so clear and I do not FEEL sick.

So what comes next?  What is the vision I see for the future?  What will my life look like after cancer?

To answer these questions, I think it is important to say what I want.  If I don’t speak it, I can’t really move towards it and make it my reality – such is the power of words for me.

Chemo round 5 comes Tuesday, with it an entirely new drug (and apparently some hair regrowth).  The focus has shifted, now that so much is behind me, and I can see joyful things unfolding ahead of me.  So blessed here, and sending blessings to you all…

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