I met with my surgeon yesterday, happy to hear him say that we are “on the home stretch.”  I signed all my consent forms, acknowledging that my entire body could spontaneously combust while on the table and there’s nothing we can do about it.  🙂

I got a bit of a concerned lecture about my weight (again).  I am LITTLE.  Always have been, still am, and probably always will be.  It just happens that I followed after the small boned style of my Mother.  I eat more than the other three people in this house all put together.  Seriously.  I think I’m fortunate to have a metabolism like this — or, I did, until I had half a dozen doctors getting upset over it.  Haha.

This led to me to a thought — one I have brought up before: many people have asked me about food/recipes/meals during chemo.  I think I may set up a separate page for this here, since I am reaching the point where this blog is a mishmash.  My OCD (or, CDO if it were alphabetized as it should be as my friend pointed out to me) is demanding that there be separate pages for separate topics and styles.

So far, a gorgeous and amazing morning here in the desert.  More to come later today (and increasingly coherent in direct proportion to my coffee intake).

Blessings to you all!


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