Writer Wednesday: Vivian Snodgrass

I read “Word Play: A New Approach for Understanding” by Vivian Snodgrass. Were it not for the vagaries of the internet, and social media, I may have missed this book. That would have been my loss. If I were only allowed one word to summarize the entire book, it would have to be FUN!

The author gives her readers a total window into the workings of her mind, and encourages her readers to communicate with greater deliberation. She turns this into a game, the game of word play. Essentially, the author breaks down words we use every day in order to show the evolution of those words. In this way, she gets below the surface of our day-to-day, rushed way of communicating into what the resonance of our words are. This all sounds so serious, when in actuality she leaves it as a game.

Vivian Snodgrass also shares herself in this writing. She shares her faith and her life journey and brings that to bear on her understanding and expression of the written and spoken word.

Definitely worth a read, and especially good if you (like me) tend to find your mind whirling through thoughts when you are trying to relax. This book really engages the attention, and entertains the reader. As a side note, you will find yourself listening to words differently – and then trying to break them down into their component parts to find the underlying meaning. 🙂

Blessings to you all, and happy reading!


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