Writer Wednesday…Eric B. Thomasma

I am not what’s commonly thought of as a “visual” person. If you are describing something (anything, really) that I have not seen or experienced before, you need to be very detailed in order for me to “see” the picture you are painting with your words.

Enter Eric B. Thomasma.

Eric already has published 9 books, including his Seams16 series. Eric writes both Science Fiction and children’s books. His brother does the illustrations. 🙂 I chose “And So It Begins” from the list of available titles, after following Eric on Twitter for about 2 years now. By the way, you can follow him @seams16. I was immediately pulled into this entirely new world, with new species and planets and ways of travelling. The author’s attention to detail is PHENOMENAL! In so many of the interactions of the characters, the author paused to really explain the back and forth that was taking place.

For example, there is a huge language barrier (initially) between the two primary groups of characters. The author brought to life the confusion (and humor) and frustration of the time it can take, while under the gun, to truly make yourself understood. It’s such a relatable idea, for me, that I began to feel more as if I was reading non-fiction.

Without giving away the plotlines, “And So It Begins” deals with the breakdown and knitting together in the face of cultural and language differences, as well as religious and spiritual divisions amongst people.

At the same time as Eric gives us these weighty topics, he crafts characters you cannot help but root for as you read their stories.

Reading this book felt very much like being introduced to new friends.

For more about the author, please visit http://ericbt.webs.com/

Blessings, and happy reading to you all!

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