Breakfast in the 1600s

As lovely as this stock image is, I think it is safe to say that this is NOT an example of the way breakfast would have looked for the average person in the 1600s in Wales. Sometimes, doing the research for historical writing leads you down all sorts of strange rabbit holes. Who am I … Continue reading Breakfast in the 1600s

That Time I Became a Shepherd #wwwblogs

Or maybe I am supposed to say shepherdess? After all, I did that a few centuries ago... Digging back into fiction writing is a strange adventure. While my previous writing took place in a nebulous "now," in which the action of the plot took place in a pre-pandemic world of today, my current project is … Continue reading That Time I Became a Shepherd #wwwblogs

Salvation #wwwblogs

The quiet space Of making time To let the words Spill out From my tapping fingers My imagination My first instrument Truer music Than any other I could learn Hours spent dancing with words Reclaiming time For that quiet love Rediscovering a self Set upon the shelf And pushed to the background Words save me … Continue reading Salvation #wwwblogs

Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

For my readerly and writerly friends, that title is probably self-explanatory. Between pleasure reading, reading books to review, and writing our own stories, we spend a lot of time with our noses in a book...or, you know, a kindle, a nook, a tablet, something! When we come up for air, if you're anything like I … Continue reading Living on the Page ~ #wwwblogs

Camus ~ #ThursdayWrites

I took a degree in French literature in University. You know, the most practical undergraduate degree one can have in California. Despite the self-mockery, for as often as people ask me why the hell I chose that as my area of study, I don't regret the choice. During my upper division courses, I had to … Continue reading Camus ~ #ThursdayWrites

The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs

Requested smiles and justifications a pretty pose of superficial pleasantry to ease and comfort everyone else a shoehorn and a tightly made mold in a shape not my own and a million voices clamoring for me to wedge myself into that oh so lovely shape as I shed my skin of civilization tattoo my hands … Continue reading The Endless Why ~ #wwwblogs

Is Capitalism Forever? #WriterWednesday

For this week's #WriterWednesday, I want to share with you the book "Is Capitalism Forever?" by author Nelson Gist. Nelson Gist has been an activist organizer since the 1970s through today's Occupy movement. The timeliness of this book could not be more apt. When I had the opportunity to sit down with Nelson, it was … Continue reading Is Capitalism Forever? #WriterWednesday

A Dash of Creativity…#WriterWednesday

For #WriterWednesday, I thought I'd share a little...something. When I write, it's not always the story that I am working on that breaks through. Sometimes, the warm up to the work hints that maybe there is something for down the road. So, here's a little something that may be nothing. Or, something. 🙂 Fleeting. Fleet … Continue reading A Dash of Creativity…#WriterWednesday

#WriterWednesday – Whooshing Deadlines…

Sigh. Today was the deadline I set for myself to release "Warrior." I'm still on re-writes. C'est la vie. So, today's blog will be a tiny break for levity. My daughter's favourite quotable quote this week: “Just because you call an electric eel a rubber duck doesn't make it a rubber duck, does it? And … Continue reading #WriterWednesday – Whooshing Deadlines…

A Car Full of Passengers…#wwwblogs #WriterWednesday

We downsized my vehicle recently. Instead of the "mom minivan," I travel with greater fuel efficiency now. And far fewer seats. Picking up Moses and Maddie today was an adventure. I'd been back and forth between writer/editor/marketer/publicist all day, and was pondering a snag I had hit. I was playing Pandora on the car and … Continue reading A Car Full of Passengers…#wwwblogs #WriterWednesday