Writer Wednesday – Lori Schafer

This week’s Writer Wednesday is all about Lori Schafer’s memoir, “On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness.”

I couldn’t put it down. I’m usually early to bed around here, and up before dawn, but this one had me seeing midnight. I like to think of that as a real “grown up” hour. I’m not sure there are enough adjectives for me to truly describe this memoir: poignant, touching, heartbreaking, and triumphant.

The author takes us through her journey as the daughter of a mentally ill mother. Although no definitive psychiatric diagnosis was ever given – to either the reader, or the author – the rollercoaster ride of fear and struggle and attempting to be a normal teenager was depicted so clearly, I felt as though I was with the author in the story. The narrative had me invested in the story, and I am thrilled for the positive that the author has managed to bring about in her life since her early battles.

The writer’s voice is very strong, and it felt quite a bit like a conversation.

Mental illness seems to be overlooked or swept under the rug so often, but Lori Schafer has managed to cast light on a subject that needs more attention.

I highly recommend this book! Lori’s Schafer’s memoir is available on Amazon here:


For more about the author, please visit her website at lorilschafer.com

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  1. I read a bit of the book “Detention” that came out in and e-book before the book came out and I was hooked and wanting more! Lori is a terrific writer! It’s on my list of must-reads! Thanks for the review!

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