Spreading the Word *TRIGGER* #MondayBlogs

Those of us who have pets treat them as beloved members of our family. They are partners in crime, motivation to get out and walk or play, and if you have dogs (as we do) they are unfailingly thrilled to see you – even if you’ve just been gone to the mailbox.

Our dear friend here has her own furry team members at her home. During the night of September 30, while her pets were having their last tour through their backyard before bed, someone took advantage of a failure in her property gate, and attacked two of her dogs.

Bellatrix Lestrange, affectionately called Bella, was shot and killed by an unknown person. I feel safe in passing judgment on this individual as a horrible human being and I hope justice finds him.

I am sharing Bella’s story here in the hopes that the world of the person who shot her will grow much smaller. Sometimes, a platform should be used for spreading the word – even if the word is sorrowful and not in my usual topic area.

Bella was not the only dog who was shot that night. Kavita’s other dog, Rooney, was also shot. Thankfully, he survived.

Their story is below. Please take the time to watch the news piece and share if you could.

Thank you for reading and watching, and blessings to you all.



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