Vantage and Advantage

We create from our vantage point that almost-birds'-eye view exposing the world to our scrutiny and descriptions we soften the edges into the world we wish to see shifting the narrative from the gritty to the soft giving the advantage to hope and imagination - Caroline A. Slee

St. Patrick’s Day #FridayPhilosophy

Thoughts for St. Patrick's Day


Loki With palaces rising from the bed of the sea and shimmering air playing tricks with the eye at once ally and enemy the scapegoat or star shifting reality to match a future known only to mischievous humors we puzzle through his actions and his methods seeking understanding where reason cannot prevail - Caroline A. … Continue reading Loki

Anne Lamott 2.0 #FridayPhilosophy

Photo by cottonbro on Not too terribly long ago, I shared my favorite quote from author Anne Lamott. Today, I would like to share more quotes from this incredible writer. “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” “Forgiveness is giving up all hope … Continue reading Anne Lamott 2.0 #FridayPhilosophy


There are worlds only waiting a journey from the comfort of home magic cast and spinning its tale in print and ink and dog-eared pages we find our memories the lives we once lived the near misses the what ifs all artfully woven into comfort and heartbreak tidy endings or cliffhangers and loose ends an … Continue reading Bookworm


Photo by cottonbro on The day stands at the ready research organized and waiting notes and pens and fresh pads of paper about to mark their paths the calm and quiet of study and progress gathering the details to pull every thread - Caroline A. Slee


In the context of a post-2020 world, every single event of the past seems to be millions of years ago in my mind. With that detail in mind, a million years ago, Virginia Woolf wrote that writers needed a room of their own for their creative process to be allowed to thrive. This was one … Continue reading Environment

It’s Later Than You Think #MondayBlogs

I usually mention that I thrive on "to do" lists. It helps me to stay organized, and I just love being able to cross things off of that list as I go through my day. I'm not really a New Year's Resolution type of person. I tend to take stock of each year as I … Continue reading It’s Later Than You Think #MondayBlogs

Among the stacks…

Among the stacks, my thoughts clearsurrounded by old friends. The perfume of words and paper and inkflowing through the silent air. Here is my church, here my religiontangled up in language and verse. Among the stacks, you will find mediscovering new worlds as I turn the page. ~ Caroline A. Slee