It’s Only Gas…#MondayBlogs

My Monday blogging schedule has been hijacked. 

I’m telling myself I have gas. I’m in the ER to make sure I’m completely overreacting to said gas (which is ominously lingering on the lower right side of my abdomen).  Lara is sitting here with me, waiting for a CT scan. 

For a couple that spent our first year in and out of hospitals for my cancer stuff, I optimistically think we should be about done with hospitals. Forever. 

So, here we are. Today’s contribution to #MondayBlogs is more of a PSA: listen to your body. Take action from that listening. Tune in to your own rhythms. 

Call those rhythms gas, by all means. 

Just make sure a doctor verifies that for you. 

A blessed and happy 4th to you all. We watched fireworks from the parking lot here, and they were spectacular. 

We’ve told the doctor we are praying for gas.
If you are so inclined, you can send gas wishes my way. 😜

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