En Pointe

Life stands upon a knife's edge within the eye of a needle rising upon our tiptoes in the endless pursuit of beauty ~ Caroline A. Slee


A world seemingly unreal Waits for our eyes to see As we wander - Lost or with purpose - Always blindly Beauty rises with the sun And clouds fall below the mountains The sky opens into day Spectacular and breathtaking A world waits For our notice As the days unfurl As the East is reeled … Continue reading Idylls

Finding Peace #MondayBlogs

The demands of life Ask that we never pause, never stop We mistake work without ceasing For virtue and character While nature keeps her pace Blooming and fading On her own cycle As we push and race And keep our heads down But, oh, how we miss these quiet wonders They wait for us to … Continue reading Finding Peace #MondayBlogs

Magic Managed

It is not mischief To plant a garden To nurture blooms To chase the sun Instead it is A lovely magic Quiet fire To bring still land Into abundant life And let it spread Far and wide For beauty To be shared ~ Caroline A. Slee

When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs

Magic will rise Misunderstood and feared But casting beauty For eyes that see miracles When darkness falls Our power lights a soft sun Resting calm In a garden bathed by lady moon With earth soft Against the soles of our feet The world unguarded Tranquil Far removed from the mayhem Beneath the glaring Light of … Continue reading When Darkness Falls #wwwblogs


The mountains call us not only the heights but the down slopes valleys winding trails and coyote's dens A rough celebration for those willing to suffer for the thrill of the climb The summit a gaze that turns us all into artists before endless beauty

Friday Philosophy…Dorothy Parker

I wanted to have a little fun with quotes today. When in doubt, Dorothy Parker is definitely fun. In a snarky way, of course. 😉 "The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires." (Note to self, ha!) "Brevity is the … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Dorothy Parker

Raising Feminist Children…#MondayBlogs

"Feminism: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." Definition from dictionary.com. Now we're clear on what feminism is, right? Before I invoke the wrath of Rush Limbaugh, here's what feminism isn't: it's not a question of either gender "un-sexing" themselves to be more like the other. … Continue reading Raising Feminist Children…#MondayBlogs

Thursday! Always More Gratitude…

I'm still loving everyone's photos for "throwback Thursday." One day, I may even post one. 🙂 We have been struck by the 110 degree weather now, so I have been relegated to indoor workouts (and swimming) only. I can't deny the convenience factor of being able to hop on the treadmill first thing in the … Continue reading Thursday! Always More Gratitude…

Breast Cancer and the Burlesque Dancer…#MondayBlogs

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, it can be hard to identify with being a feminist when you are going through treatment for breast cancer. When the attributes that differentiate you as a "female" are working strongly against you, when you barely feel like you are a female at all - instead just a mass … Continue reading Breast Cancer and the Burlesque Dancer…#MondayBlogs