Friday Philosophy…Dorothy Parker

I wanted to have a little fun with quotes today. When in doubt, Dorothy Parker is definitely fun. In a snarky way, of course. 😉

“The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires.” (Note to self, ha!)

“Brevity is the soul of lingerie.”

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.”

“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.”

“They sicken of the calm who know the storm.”

“I don’t care what is written about me so long as it isn’t true.”

Okay, I threw a couple of more serious ones in there. I hope you had a chuckle over the rest, and have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings to you all, and never give up!

2 thoughts on “Friday Philosophy…Dorothy Parker

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this! Most people wonder at me for loving Dorothy Parker, since her wit can be a bit harsh. I feel she said/wrote what many of us may think at times (although we often keep those thoughts to ourselves). 🙂

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