Adventure #FridayPhilosophy



Photo by Karolina Grabowska on We never ask for uniformity finding pleasure in the flaws the ripples racing across cool surfaces taking us elsewhere with a smooth touch candles burning low and incense a memory upon the air genuflection and novenas statues and silence a door that closes at the whim of hatred while … Continue reading Anointed

Whispers on the Water

Photo by Jess Vide on Whispers on the water a prayer to a watery goddess whispers on the water for blessings carried to every shore whispers on the water for balance and sureness a million voices carried upon every cresting wave whispers on the water to carry me home - Caroline A. Slee

Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

It comes with the fire Through bone and blood Like a memory Of the time we were stars Firing like the sun Millions of years Into a past forgotten When we danced As the lights through the darkness Still the instincts return As our masks are dropped And who we are: That bright and brilliant … Continue reading Healing Magic #MondayBlogs

Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

I am living in two worlds right now, from a writing standpoint. I am making progress on "The Cancer-Free Trainer." This is a step-by-step overview to what worked for me in recovering from my cancer treatment. It's the movement and exercise that helped me get back to my body again. In other words, this is … Continue reading Works In Progress! The Happy Writer.

A Message from the Universe…#MondayBlogs

Psst. Hey, you! Yes, you. Can you feel life tapping your shoulder to get your attention? When I was growing up, my Mom firmly believed in waking me up GENTLY! (My children wish that were the case around here. I practically need an air raid siren to get them going.) She would tiptoe into my … Continue reading A Message from the Universe…#MondayBlogs

The Divinity of Nature…

Drinking my coffee this morning, in a tiny break from the strange humidity we have been having out here, I found myself not consciously thinking of gratitude - just feeling it. Between the mourning doves starting their morning conversations, and the sunrise viewed through the pepper tree, and the general quiet of the neighborhood, I … Continue reading The Divinity of Nature…

Counting Blessings and Gratitude…

Okay, I'll be honest - I caught that awful headache/sore throat please cut my head off bug that my daughter brought home last weekend. As opposed to battling an illness like breast cancer with obnoxious humour, I am facing a flu with immense whining. I went to work, facilitated a webinar (for the first time, … Continue reading Counting Blessings and Gratitude…

Saturday, We Get Published!

For those of you who do not know this, my partner, "Lara Croft the Tumour Raider" (haha) is Greek. Every month, on the very first day of the month, she and her entire family wish everyone "Kalo Mina." Translated into English, this means "good month." Or, maybe I'm mistranslating, and it should be the entire … Continue reading Saturday, We Get Published!

Thankful Thursday, Family Style…

Today was my son's very first piano lesson. I think it's safe to say we had an amazing night. Moses had taught himself to play several pieces before his lesson, and played all of them for his teacher. He continued playing melodic lines while his teacher played harmonies. He learned to sightread, and how to … Continue reading Thankful Thursday, Family Style…