A Message from the Universe…#MondayBlogs

Psst. Hey, you! Yes, you. Can you feel life tapping your shoulder to get your attention?

When I was growing up, my Mom firmly believed in waking me up GENTLY! (My children wish that were the case around here. I practically need an air raid siren to get them going.) She would tiptoe into my room and whisper my name, while just barely tapping me on the shoulder. A few minutes would pass, and here she was again: a little louder, the tap a bit more insistent. This would continue until I was laughing and she was pretending to shout my name while drilling my shoulder with her index finger.

So, the Universe is just. like. my. Mom.

A gentle tap and whisper, progressing until something major happens and you cannot help but notice the message you are receiving.

But take heart – the messages from the universe aren’t negative ones. They’re shifts in direction or paradigms, new opportunities, and all filled with promise.

Have you listened lately?

Just a reminder in an otherwise chaotic Monday, from me to you.

Blessings to you all…

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