Mornings #MondayBlogs

The cold tiles Radiate the chill of morning Through thick socks As I arrow to the kitchen Bleary-eyed I hover As coffee brews Lifting each foot In a strange, sleepy dance My toes seek escape From the painful chill As I listen For the furnace To start its morning hum Beginning the day Reluctantly Slowly … Continue reading Mornings #MondayBlogs

Around the Clock…#MondayBlogs

Witching hours or the wee hours of darkling dawn find me discovering realms in the textured ceiling The early interruption 11 at night time for reading time for writing time, always more time Early morning lists routine and enthusiasm drowning insomnia in coffee and exercise While the silent knowing remains Death watches closer than we … Continue reading Around the Clock…#MondayBlogs

A Quick Pick-Me-Up

I'm a fan of morning coffee. I love my morning ritual, in which I awaken at least one full hour before anyone else and sip my coffee and watch the sunrise. But right around mid-afternoon, I hit a little low point in my energy levels. It's the wrong time for coffee, and I've usually already … Continue reading A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Tuesday (scattered) Thoughts…

I'm not sure what it is about today, but I am all over the place. I'm still accomplishing what I need to accomplish, but I have found it hard to outline this blog post. I don't have a particular theme or series of quotes. Then, all at once, it hit me. I was reading a … Continue reading Tuesday (scattered) Thoughts…