Tuesday (scattered) Thoughts…

I’m not sure what it is about today, but I am all over the place. I’m still accomplishing what I need to accomplish, but I have found it hard to outline this blog post. I don’t have a particular theme or series of quotes. Then, all at once, it hit me. I was reading a tweet by @donnastjohn today, and she mentioned the importance of 8 nightly hours of sleep.

Oh. That.

I’m not really sure when I last slept 8 full hours. Really. I can’t remember. And sleeping without interruptions? HA! Forget it.

Mystery solved.

So, you are all stuck with one of my bizarre lists. You might remember that I provided lists in a couple of other posts, the most popular of which was “The things I have learned AFTER Kindergarten.” This evening, it’s the list of my mind’s rantings when I awaken at a totally unreasonable hour. Last night was a great example:

I wake up, thinking about laundry.

(Please keep in mind this is an inner monologue. Occasionally it falls into a dialogue, such as when I tell my brain to “shut up.”)

Did I take the clothes out of the dryer? I can’t remember. If I didn’t, I’m going to have to steam them in the morning and then do it.
What time is it?
Oh, man. It’s 4:00 a.m. Go back to sleep.
Wait, what woke me up in the first place?! (Major ear tune up occurs. I can hear both kids sleeping and the dog heavy breathing, so it’s not that.)
Is the motion light on? Nope.
Do I have to pee? (Sorry, it happens.)
Geez! Just go back to sleep.
I’m so glad I get to borrow Mom’s cleaning lady tomorrow. No, wait, that’s today.
Deep breathing. Deep breathing.
I’m kind of hungry.
Maybe I should just get out of bed.
Ooooh, if I get up this early I can read more of Vivian’s book before the kids are awake.
Did I mail the insurance payment?!
I’m driving myself crazy.
I wonder if I can get out of the bed without awakening Lara????

FYI, that never happens. Somehow, when I want to be as “silent as a ninja,” as one of my high school friends likes to say, I end up sounding about as quiet as an entire herd of elephants traipsing through the house. I wish I could blame the dog, but she’s usually out like a light in a really predictable spot: either her own bed, or my pillow. I swear, the other morning I was trying to ease out of the bedroom, and Lara whimpered “NOT AGAIN!” in her sleep. That prompted laughter from me, because I am a horrible person. 🙂

I bet the sunrise will be beautiful.
Why can’t I sleep?!
I do this every day.
What time is it now? Oh. My.
Is this a menopause thing?
No, I did this even in University.
I wonder if this is because of the crazy hours I worked after Maddie was born.
I should just read.
No, I should meditate.
Darn. Now I do have to pee.

And so it goes. My Tuesday thoughts are the by-product of my early morning wanderings. Once I actually get out of the bed, I’m pretty darn chipper. Coffee, sunrise, reading, some yoga. Theoretically cooler temperatures.

I say theoretically because today was “cooler.” Only 108. But we had 30% humidity to go with it. Joy!

Blessings to you all…and sweet dreams.

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