Local wildlife

The Frogs Are Singing #MondayBlogs

I miss the lively nights sparkling with fireflies while the frogs sing - our mountain owl has fled the desert for cooler climes and darker skies - the coyotes slumber refusing the music of their haunting choir in favor of the shade of darkened dens tucked far away - I miss the lively nights though … Continue reading The Frogs Are Singing #MondayBlogs


The wilderness comes Down into the valley Housing tracts become hunting grounds As coyotes seek their meal The night is alive With the chatter of the wild But for one Whose call is stilled She waits and watches Near invisible As the night grows deeper And she longs For the silence of her hunt In … Continue reading Omens

Of Dead Ends and Quiet Spaces ~ #FridayPhilosophy

I live on a cul-de-sac For every driver who loses himself among the palm trees, there is a long, slow circle of watchful eyes to parade before escaping into the anonymous desert The mountain rises proud young and tumbled all messy volcanic rock and memories of erosion blocking the evening sun and bring the stars … Continue reading Of Dead Ends and Quiet Spaces ~ #FridayPhilosophy


The night skies crowded as bats dance and dip to the desert floor unearthly light flowing from stars a world bathed in white and wildness ethereal a symphony of cries and howls and ululations disrupts the primal air as coyotes seek the moon in an ancient wish for home as wings unfurl across the horizon

Writers Write! Except When They Don’t…#MondayBlogs

The family and I went on a sort of writer's retreat this weekend. Well, okay, we beat a hasty retreat from 114 degree weather and high humidity and headed for the mountains. I was spinning my wheels before we left, writing-wise. My little guy, Moses, has a minor surgery tomorrow and it's been weighing on … Continue reading Writers Write! Except When They Don’t…#MondayBlogs