The End ~ #MondayBlogs

There are days the veil has left and I stand face-to-face with what comes after and there are nights where a whisper reminds me of the moments that brought me to that precipice and held me suspended between two worlds Knowledge is a dangerous power and foreseeing a cursed gift but for the fear that … Continue reading The End ~ #MondayBlogs

Around the Clock…#MondayBlogs

Witching hours or the wee hours of darkling dawn find me discovering realms in the textured ceiling The early interruption 11 at night time for reading time for writing time, always more time Early morning lists routine and enthusiasm drowning insomnia in coffee and exercise While the silent knowing remains Death watches closer than we … Continue reading Around the Clock…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Death

Last night, I dreamed I was dead. Not in a grim, horrible way. More in a Patrick Swayze in Ghost kind of way. My main experience was frustration, because it took me a while to realize that no one could hear or see me, and they kept swooshing through my body. When I woke up … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Death

Friday Philosophy…Sudden Death

No, not sudden death overtime. Just the unexpected - and not death in the most literal of terms, either. The sudden death I refer to can be the death of a dream, a friendship, even a point of view you have held close to your heart (see last week's Cognitive Dissonance post haha). Basically, this … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Sudden Death