The End ~ #MondayBlogs

There are days
the veil has left
and I stand
with what comes after
and there are nights
where a whisper reminds me
of the moments
that brought me
to that precipice
and held me suspended
between two worlds

Knowledge is a dangerous power
and foreseeing
a cursed gift
but for the fear
that no longer dogs me
and the frisson
that no longer dances
along my neck

Standing beyond fear
a clinical gaze
staring beyond what we know
and what can be seen
into the hours
and years
that follow
this human escapade

Death is the final adventure
Not a looming villain
waiting his chance
but an appointment
to be kept
at the time that was chosen
when our names were cast
on the die
a game of chance
foretold years
before our birth

And my heart
straddles worlds
between the living
and the dead
while my eyes
see more than what
the living world

Every life
split into two
death the invisible twin
to every living soul ~ Caroline A. Slee

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