Winter is Calling

And I must find it where skies change and the air sharpens skin vanishes into layers of warmth Windows are shut tight against the wind's keen edge and the world dips into barren branches and white expanse Seasons shift in a meditation a grateful dance to a planet turning years around the fire of the … Continue reading Winter is Calling

Why Gratitude Matters

I'm *mostly* a morning person these days. Mostly. But there are those days - you know the ones, right? It's so hard to just roll out of bed and into the day. Sometimes I feel stuck on grumpy. Today was NOT one of those days. Today was our first day back to school here, so … Continue reading Why Gratitude Matters

Thankful Thursday…List Style!

Gratitude recharges my entire system, when I stop to smell the proverbial roses. Actually, those are literal around here, too, as we have several rose bushes. 🙂 - I am thankful for the amazing sunrise I saw this morning - I am grateful (daily) for my cup of coffee when I first get up Those … Continue reading Thankful Thursday…List Style!