Happy International Women’s Day! #FridayPhilosophy

I love celebration. A doctor once told my Tumor Raider and I that you should jump at every chance for a celebration, and today we celebrate women. So, quotes in honor of the day: "To tell a woman everything she cannot do is to tell her everything she can." ~ Spanish Proverb "We realize the … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day! #FridayPhilosophy

Friday Philosophy…History

Traditional history: A story written by the winner of the war. HIS story. Revisionist history: a story told by the loser of the war. HER story. The stories of thousands of voices we have delegitimized over hundreds of years. History that has been adapted to account for scientific facts more recently discovered. History is a … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…History

Friday Philosophy…Fantasy

This week, both my Maddie and Moses had a birthday. Although I still feel somewhat sleep deprived, I'm happy to say that a wonderful time was had by all. We spent some time in the world of Harry Potter, and it had me thinking about this entire world J.K. Rowling created from her own mind. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Fantasy

When Words Fail…#MondayBlogs

You've all seen the news, I'm sure. Yet another deadly shooting here in the U.S., last week's shooting in Tel Aviv, yesterday's bombing at the Shanghai Airport. The world seems to have gone mad. And while we try to comprehend the enormity and the grief of these murders and attacks, we have the 24 hour … Continue reading When Words Fail…#MondayBlogs

Friday Philosophy…Rest

That's the part we forget, isn't it? We don't have time, our schedules are too demanding, blah blah and so on, etc. 😉 Rest? Pshaw. What's that? Rest is that thing that keeps you from falling flat on your face at some point. "Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Rest

Friday Philosophy…Hatred

You've been hearing a lot about hatred lately, haven't you? It's been gussied up and paraded about as a "solution" to the current problems we are facing. It's an oversimplification, though, in my opinion. Or, to rephrase, it is intellectually and morally lazy to demonize an entire people based upon the actions of a few. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Hatred

Friday Philosophy, Thanksgiving Tradition

I often speak of gratitude on here. Most frequently on Thursdays, which I've dubbed "thankful Thursdays." Still, during the season of Thanksgiving, gratitude takes the reins. Hopefully. Well, gratitude and food! 🙂 Many people who believe in the Law of Attraction state how important it is to list 100 things for which you are grateful … Continue reading Friday Philosophy, Thanksgiving Tradition

Friday Philosophy of Uplifting Words…

It's a theme, but not an in-depth analysis of a single word. I've been listening to Podcasts this week. The way I see it, I am nearing middle age when I find music radio aggravating and talk radio wonderful. 😉 More specifically, I've been listening to "Magic Lessons" with Liz Gilbert. So, this week, I'd … Continue reading Friday Philosophy of Uplifting Words…

Friday Philosophy…Safety

When I was a child, I was very cautious. I was extremely concerned with safety. I didn't go through that "invincible" phase that most teenagers seem to enjoy so much. Now that I'm pretending to be an adult, I've noticed that safety is more of an illusion than a reality. I've also noticed that growth … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Safety

Tuesday Thoughts…Transformation

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world had ended, it became a butterfly." ~ English proverb That English proverb is on a fridge magnet my parents gave me as a stocking stuffer on Christmas of 2012. Since I was through the most painful portions of my cancer journey, and my final surgery was already a … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…Transformation