We Sit

We sit with our discomfort transforming pain into a meditation a bed of nails to sharpen the mind flood the system with overcoming we flow with deep currents until the water rises - Caroline A. Slee

Missed Meditations

Drive is reduced To the essential Control of breath No matter the racing heart As we slice forward Through an underwater world Consciousness shifts And body renews A purpose in opposition To every landlocked step Taken in the day-to-day At this homecoming A return to self In the return to water A meditation to transform … Continue reading Missed Meditations

Winter is Calling

And I must find it where skies change and the air sharpens skin vanishes into layers of warmth Windows are shut tight against the wind's keen edge and the world dips into barren branches and white expanse Seasons shift in a meditation a grateful dance to a planet turning years around the fire of the … Continue reading Winter is Calling

Float Therapy!

The Tumour Raider and I had an opportunity to try float therapy (also called flotation therapy, sensory deprivation therapy). I figured I should share the experience and benefits here, for those who might be interested. The word "surreal" comes to mind when I try to find the best descriptor. ๐Ÿ™‚ Float therapy involves a high … Continue reading Float Therapy!

Writing as Meditation…#MondayBlogs

With as much time as we writers spend on words: reading them, writing them, editing them, and re-writing them, the idea of meditation with words probably sounds crazy. Okay, maybe it's a little crazy. ย Just bear with me a moment here. When most of the time we spend with words is plot driven or character … Continue reading Writing as Meditation…#MondayBlogs

The Return to Water…

Some of you know, despite the fact that I'm always running a 5k these days, that I started my life as an athlete in the swimming pool. I really don't remember a time I wasn't in the water - although I can't claim to remember the baby classes I took with my mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ My … Continue reading The Return to Water…

New Year and New Directions

I don't mean resolutions - and I don't mean anything too drastic. For 2015, I want to play a "mind game" with myself. I'm typically a very positive person, but I'd like to meditate on that positive on a daily basis. There's really nothing I want to give up, and I'm extremely happy with how … Continue reading New Year and New Directions

Thankful Thursday…On Fire!

It's been a day. I should backtrack, since the day began last night. Lara and I had (to borrow a phrase from my friend Malaina) Super Secret Squirrel business to attend to out of the house. No sooner were we off and running, than Maddie called and asked me to come back IMMEDIATELY because Moses … Continue reading Thankful Thursday…On Fire!

Friday Philosophy…Of Meditation and Daydreams

It's been a hectic week. I'm sure that was obvious from my "radio silence" on here. Between appointments for the kiddos and music lessons and working and writing, well, it's a blur. So I thought I would shift gears with my Friday philosophy, and share thoughts on clearing the mind and dreaming. You know: relaxation. … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Of Meditation and Daydreams