Thankful Thursday…On Fire!

It’s been a day.

I should backtrack, since the day began last night. Lara and I had (to borrow a phrase from my friend Malaina) Super Secret Squirrel business to attend to out of the house. No sooner were we off and running, than Maddie called and asked me to come back IMMEDIATELY because Moses threw up.

I guess birthday shopping for those two isn’t happening at this moment.

Moses is fine. In the way of children, something disagreed with him and he threw up like a champ and felt better.

Needless to say I am fairly sleep deprived. So is Maddie. She can’t actually sleep when her brother is sick – she’s afraid he may redirect on his way to the bathroom and come throw up on her. Haha. It sounds funny, but that’s really how she feels.

I started the day with a swim and then a full slate at work. We have courses next week, so I was taking care of last minute details for that.

I’ve really been enjoying living in my skin again. I can feel strength in my muscles, I can actually see definition again! I’ve had a few happy nostalgic moments from the days of being a training and lifting weights. 🙂

As I swam this morning, I contemplated gratitude. Well, and reminded myself of an email I needed to send. I didn’t really delve into deep thoughts, just let the gratitude flow with every breath I took. It was a very physical form of meditation.

Breathe in the gratitude people, and repeat. (Spoken in my best trainer tone of voice.)

Blessings to you all…

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