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Mountain lakes

On the Run – #MondayBlogs

I've gotten into my running groove again, and added some changes to the routine. On weekends, I take a run with each of my children, just the two of us. Moses is knocking out five milers with me now, which is awesome. Maddie is used to that, being older, but threw a hike in for … Continue reading On the Run – #MondayBlogs

Mountains #wwwblogs

The days grow short And my eyes are drawn Upward Where my feet long To plant themselves Among the rocky trails Finding flowers Where none should grow And pushing Ever further On a climb that goes on and on A mountain waits For time and courage And steady feet Over shifting surfaces Until we see … Continue reading Mountains #wwwblogs

Friday Philosophy…Mountains

Of course, this can be a literal post. If you haven't figured out from different posts in the twitterverse lately, we have escaped the dreaded desert heat (119 degrees today) by fleeing to the mountains. Tonight, it's supposed to drop below 40 degrees! I'm so excited! Haha. Mountains are not just those literal, spectacular beauties, … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Mountains

Writers Write! Except When They Don’t…#MondayBlogs

The family and I went on a sort of writer's retreat this weekend. Well, okay, we beat a hasty retreat from 114 degree weather and high humidity and headed for the mountains. I was spinning my wheels before we left, writing-wise. My little guy, Moses, has a minor surgery tomorrow and it's been weighing on … Continue reading Writers Write! Except When They Don’t…#MondayBlogs