Friday Philosophy ~ Goals

Goals: a necessity, and a puzzle. To really know where we are going, we do need a destination. But if the destination is so far away we can't even imagine we see it while we squint with one eye covered, it's too easy to become discouraged. Mini-goals can be a valuable stepping-stone on the way … Continue reading Friday Philosophy ~ Goals

Friday Philosophy…Organizing!

It has been yet another hectic week, and I am nestling into the weekend and Friday evening by organizing and rearranging. I know this doesn't sound very "weekend" to most of you, but I find it comforting. I had redone our office about a month ago, and then Pinterest made over some of our closet … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Organizing!

TGIFriday Philosophy!

Ahhhh, Friday! It's been another busy week, and I think I may be wearing every single one of my hats at once. 🙂 Your Friday food for thought: "Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering." ~ Paulo Coehlo "Maturity includes the recognition that no … Continue reading TGIFriday Philosophy!