Two Weeks…#MondayBlogs

We are down to the vacation time length before #thisis40. My birthday present arrived early. Since I'm turning 40, it seemed like a good time to ask for a bike. 🙂 We've already been pedaling around town a little, since it's cooling off. This is the time of year we all become grateful for our … Continue reading Two Weeks…#MondayBlogs

The Thrill of the Schedule…#MondayBlogs

Mapping. Mapping out a day, a week, a month. Not mapping out any particular location - just the space I need to accomplish multiple tasks. At this time of year, the road map becomes fragmented with fun, and gift wrap, and cocoa and school sing-alongs, and the feeding of those near and dear to our … Continue reading The Thrill of the Schedule…#MondayBlogs

The Art of the Rewrite…#MondayBlogs

I took a poetry seminar with Barry Spacks when I was in University. At the end of the class, he gave each of us (we were a group of 6) a slim volume of poetry that he had inscribed. In mine he wrote that I understood that beauty requires hard labor. Welcome to rewrites. You … Continue reading The Art of the Rewrite…#MondayBlogs


Setting. It's just that location in which your plot takes place, right? Sort of. Setting can be intrinsic to plot: your characters' reactions to their surroundings show different depths of mood than just "telling" your readers how those characters feel. The setting can mimic the emotional state of the character, through storms or rainbows (so … Continue reading Setting…#MondayBlogs

The Witching Hour for Writers…#MondayBlogs

At this point, we have all talked about the importance of the mundane: To Do Lists Schedules Daily goals Real life just loves it when we make plans. As much as I believe we all need structure in our daily lives, it is definitely not the only element of writing that should be considered. I … Continue reading The Witching Hour for Writers…#MondayBlogs

Building Character…#MondayBlogs

For most of my life, I've heard the phrase "pain builds character." It's true: our trials can build our character, we are made of some pretty stern stuff, after all. But what about our actual characters in our novels? Every writer I know has a different process for creating their novels, and the characters therein. … Continue reading Building Character…#MondayBlogs