Two Weeks…#MondayBlogs

We are down to the vacation time length before #thisis40. My birthday present arrived early. Since I’m turning 40, it seemed like a good time to ask for a bike. 🙂 We’ve already been pedaling around town a little, since it’s cooling off. This is the time of year we all become grateful for our desert weather (after the four solid months of heat-related complaints).

My dad posted a blog today, over on his site. He’s usually very much “all business” about his posts, and, although he talks about business (and the reason for my frantic busy-ness) he delves into the personal as well. That’s a big deal for him, as this format still feels a little bit foreign. I’m a tech bully, though, and he’s really getting the hang of things. 🙂

Today, I emerged from my writing cocoon. I’m not sure if I’m a butterfly yet, but I’m some sort of flying…thing. My writing has been predominantly curriculum over the past several months, and today I was able to dip a toe back into the magical land of fiction. I’m hoping to lose myself in that same land for a full hour tomorrow. I’ve missed writing, sort of in a phantom limb kind of way. Something of myself felt as though it had disappeared, even though I was busting my butt on words each day.

They were not my words, you see.

Back to storytelling and dreams on the page. Weaving a plot and casting a spell. Hunting down supernatural villains a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and kicking some a**.

We wander off the path sometimes, and find purpose and work that builds upon our gifts as writers. We must always return to our own tales.

It’s time to begin again.

The story is waiting.

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