Descent The sky swallows the land as the seas engulf us we become the storm once we are within it no division between nature and humanity as we rage and roar with the tides in a struggle older than the gods between the untamed elements and a contained civilization we escape the confines of expectation … Continue reading Storm

Washed Away

The roads gleam all dirt washed away as the city sleeps without lights to hold back the darkness the storm breaks over and around the city clearing everything out as it makes room for new seasons - Caroline A. Slee

Darkening #wwwblogs

Photo by Andrew Beatson on The sea and sky marry together in clouds and tides and moods the wind warns us of stormy weather between the darkening stars and shore we stand in the crush of waves and storms scream our ferocity into the ether becoming the storm, the sea, the sky leaving the … Continue reading Darkening #wwwblogs

Silent Storms

Photo by Phil on The greedy earth soaks up the rain as our spirits heal and find peace within the raging storm - Caroline A. Slee

Behind the Wind

Our mountains vanish beyond chill winds a snowfall rushing downward a curtain blocking half of the world the wind outside blurs earth into sky stirring up the desert into frost and sand biting into our skin like an ice storm with its shards shrieking through the air like a keening travelling over the sea to … Continue reading Behind the Wind

Storm’s Rage

The seas will rise and roar with anger the winds will howl and shriek their pain and mankind will huddle into safety and shelter as the storm's rage unleashes itself The earth will shudder and tremble before it the skies splitting open with a howl and animals will huddle into dens and nests hiding away … Continue reading Storm’s Rage

Stormy Weather #wwwblogs

Even the lighthouse Gets swamped If the sea rises higher The magnetism Of dark skies Pulling the tides Into deeper waves Until beauty moves Into destruction I watch the world ready itself For the onslaught Of the sky's every mood Until I realize The storm outside Matches the storm within And I must weather The … Continue reading Stormy Weather #wwwblogs


She is a dance a song a peaceful dawn She is the setting sun sharing the sky with an early moon She is the earth the air the fire and the water And none of these in the next breath She is the storm and the ground shaking beneath our feet Creator Destroyer Or anything … Continue reading Goddess…#wwwblogs

Friday Philosophy…Dorothy Parker

I wanted to have a little fun with quotes today. When in doubt, Dorothy Parker is definitely fun. In a snarky way, of course. 😉 "The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires." (Note to self, ha!) "Brevity is the … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Dorothy Parker

Friday Philosophy…Relentless

I was having a conversation with a childhood friend today, and we were talking about soul vs. body. You know, in a C.S. Lewis kind of way. "You are a soul, you have a body." He said what an epiphany that information was when he understood it for the first time. But we talked about … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Relentless