Everyday Ritual

A little bit of self-care ♥️


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com The body knows its own medicine: the air so clear and fresh tea to pass the quiet hours and rest for the weary laughter until the sides ache smiles until the face is creased weathered through time and weathering the elements healing the small fractures in our calm - Caroline … Continue reading Prescription

Tea Time

Or, why I think we should all take a break every afternoon. I’ve noticed that stopping work and hitting pause in the mid-afternoon, say, right around 3 after I get home from picking up the kids, recharges my battery. In Canada, tea is still a “thing,” as it is in the United Kingdom. In fact, … Continue reading Tea Time

The Irish Solution…#MondayBlogs

No, not whiskey. Or Guinness. My early childhood was spent in Canada, where an English sensibility often prevails. Major events are greeted with different foods, different processes and events, but always: tea. Years later, my immediate, knee-jerk response to make a cup (or a pot) of tea when facing thorny or painful issues was brought … Continue reading The Irish Solution…#MondayBlogs

A Quick Pick-Me-Up

I'm a fan of morning coffee. I love my morning ritual, in which I awaken at least one full hour before anyone else and sip my coffee and watch the sunrise. But right around mid-afternoon, I hit a little low point in my energy levels. It's the wrong time for coffee, and I've usually already … Continue reading A Quick Pick-Me-Up

Rituals and Routines…

I am a creature of habit. I love greeting the sunrise with my coffee outdoors: just the quiet, the green, and my dogs. It's my morning ritual, and I treasure it. In the evening, after the little ones have gone to bed, I have my quiet time in the kitchen. I grant you, that quiet … Continue reading Rituals and Routines…