Tea Time

Or, why I think we should all take a break every afternoon.

I’ve noticed that stopping work and hitting pause in the mid-afternoon, say, right around 3 after I get home from picking up the kids, recharges my battery.

In Canada, tea is still a “thing,” as it is in the United Kingdom. In fact, every time someone tells me they are visiting Victoria, BC, I tell them to have high tea at the Empress Hotel.

Although high tea and afternoon tea aren’t the same thing, high tea is an experience not to be missed.

Around here, I still do loose teas. So a tea ball or a special tea pot is a necessity.

And, China tea cups make it taste better. 🙂

In all seriousness, taking a pause for a ritual each day refreshes the mind and can help stave off afternoon fatigue.

Next time you find yourself hitting a wall, stop for a cup of tea. You’ll find it restorative.

Note: tea is also called for in the case of devastation, heartbreak, ill health, ill temper, and days when everything goes wrong.

Blessings to you all.

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