Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

Photo by Anete Lusina on Your truth is still the truth no matter who denies it it is meant to be spoken not choked downlike so much poison reappearing later in all its toxic glory Your truth is still significant no matter how many try to silence it it is meant to be shouted … Continue reading Competing Voices #WWWBlogs

Spangled #MondayBlogs

Sunlight refracted Multi-colored Light and shadow Together Cast over me Through early years My memories Resurrected Soft footfalls and air perfumed From a censer Five times each Sunday A belly full of butterflies And a steady voice Standing to the front In song Oh, so much better: To be robed And hidden away At a … Continue reading Spangled #MondayBlogs

The Wallflower #wwwblogs

You see so much When you are part of the scenery The dramas and the foibles Quiet triumphs and tearful failures But the day you dare To have a voice To step into the scene Is the day your courage must stick For the world Will push you back Fight to keep you Silent and … Continue reading The Wallflower #wwwblogs

Writers as Actors ~ #MondayBlogs

In my "day job," if you can call anything in life something as simple as a day job, I write curriculum: write it, market it, sell it, and, currently, work to get an accreditation. To do this, I do not use my authentic "voice." Don't get me wrong, those class programs are completely authentic. But … Continue reading Writers as Actors ~ #MondayBlogs

Julie Andrews…Working Out

For those of you who watched the Oscars, how about Lady Gaga and her medley from the Sound of Music?! We are pretty huge fans of Julie Andrews around here. When Maddie and Moses were very small, I introduced them to The Sound of Music, and Mary Poppins, and The Princess Diaries. Julie Andrews as … Continue reading Julie Andrews…Working Out