A Forest in the Desert

Yesterday, during #MondayBlogs, I was reading a post by Colleen Story on Forest Bathing. I had never heard the term before, but loved the immersion it called to mind. I live in an odd spot for forest bathing. When I hike or walk or run, towering palm trees are casting their slender shadows before my … Continue reading A Forest in the Desert

The Bottom Line…#MondayBlogs

Frenetic. It punctuates perfectly the pace at which we live our lives. Work, go! Home, go! Errands, go! Chores, go! Everything is a go, go, go! moment. Rest? What rest? Sleep is the time for problems to be reviewed and resolved, or morphed into scary nightmare territory. What is self-care anymore? Instead of the daily … Continue reading The Bottom Line…#MondayBlogs

Tuesday is for Training…Sort Of

How do you make a physical comeback from Breast Cancer? It starts in your head, first of all. Then, if it fits your style, it turns into a plan on paper. Finally, you get moving. Self-care is important for everyone. Managing self-care while negotiating disease and treatment (and don't forget the crazy schedule that comes … Continue reading Tuesday is for Training…Sort Of

Saturday in the Park! Ha!

I really wanted to be able to say that. Can't you tell by my pithy "Ha!" thrown in at the end? Today is the kind of day that makes me so grateful to live in this climate. For my relatives in Canada (and one in South Korea), I'm not saying this to brag. It's just … Continue reading Saturday in the Park! Ha!