The Bottom Line…#MondayBlogs

Frenetic. It punctuates perfectly the pace at which we live our lives. Work, go! Home, go! Errands, go! Chores, go! Everything is a go, go, go! moment. Rest? What rest? Sleep is the time for problems to be reviewed and resolved, or morphed into scary nightmare territory.

What is self-care anymore?

Instead of the daily to-do list, I have a proposal for you (yes, you, dear one reading this):

Let’s change it up with breaks.

What would happen if you added something to your to-do list? 30 minutes. I am only asking for 30 minutes out of your day, or night, as the case may be.

30 minutes of yoga.
30 minutes of meditation.
30 minutes of walking.
30 minutes of journal writing.

I want all of us THIS WEEK to spend 30 minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY doing something that doesn’t connect directly with managing “stuff.” By stuff I mean job stuff, home stuff, post office stuff, bank stuff, grocery stuff.

30 minutes each day.

I prefer to steal those minutes before the rest of my family awakens, but that is just me.

Let’s do this. 30 minutes every day to clear the clutter and center ourselves within ourselves again.

Happy #Monday, and blessings to you all… I will tweet my #30minutes each day this week. Please join me!

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