More and more…

The fatigue level I am experiencing right now is unbelievable.  I just can’t get over how tired I am, all the way down to my bones.

In brilliant news, the beautiful Ashley’s father gave me great help and advice last week.  Operating under his advice, things are finally moving now.  Even through this sleepy haze I am floating on a cloud of gratitude for that.

Moving, in medical terms, is a bit different than what most of us would probably think of.  The oncologist ordered genetic testing for me and asked me to put together a “cancer genealogy” on my family.  By the time the nurse reviewed my labs and that genealogy, even more tests were ordered.  So, we’ll get the genetic testing and the two MRIs and the PET scan at some point when the HMO approves it all.

Sometimes I think I should entitle this blog “The Weekly Guide to Breast Cancer.” My sweet woman and I are in week 7 now.  It will be week 8 before we get approval.  Time keeps ticking on (and on and on)…

With time going this way, feeling the way I feel, it seems wise to take a nap.  🙂

2 thoughts on “More and more…

  1. a Blog….I like this idea..for you. And so you know, it’s being read. So you had to do a cancer genealogy….what did the Doctor say when he read it…”ohh shit”??? Love you darling, hope you find some energy.


    • I enjoy blogging…or writing stories…or poetry…well, any writing really! 🙂 I think the Doctor’s facial expression was a bit more profane than “oh shit” when she saw the family history. Speaking of family history, please shoot me an email when you have the chance to give me your recollections of any cancer in your family — I have Auntie Kathleen on my info already, but I don’t know how the genes run among your siblings, or any children for all of you. Such a strange bit of research! Much love to you from here. Still looking for energy, it seems like I get so tired so easily – but that may just be the anxiety level too.

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