Another Day, Another…Well, You Know!

This week is suddenly tearing by us here, and I realized a seriously exciting thing:  I am going to see “Wicked” on Saturday, and I still have ta-tas to fill out the awesome dress!

Hey, what can I say?  Little things mean a lot.  Of course, my girlfriend is crushed by the thought of the impending loss of her favorite mole.  Ah yes, how many people have been hit on with the line, “Hey….nice mole!” ??? Perhaps that is just me.  At least it’s fun to tell her she had me at “nice mole.”  She keeps offering alternatives: frame the breasts; mount the breasts on the wall like a hunting trophy; create a belt buckle out of them.  She is baffled by my continuing refusal. 🙂  I think the cat may be on her team, as he keeps stuffing his furry body under my sleep shirt to cuddle the boobs while they last.  Having just realized that reconstructive surgery means I never have to wear a bra again, I may be the LEAST upset person in this house right  now.  Of course, I do have to find a tattoo artist to re-create the mole.

I had my PET scan this morning.  I am proud to report that I learned I am NOT claustrophobic at all.  No freaking out on my part, just dead tired from reporting in the dark for my test.  Although, I could get used to being the only patient in the lab — no waiting at all!  I seem to find more to say on this each day, but I really do have a different topic as well.

I picked up my children at school this afternoon to discover that, due to lack of funding and increasingly lower enrollment, the school is closing.  (Additionally, I discovered that when the love of my life sent my children to school on St. Pat’s here, she had mostly dressed them like terrifying green clowns, and given them lots of bell peppers for lunch.  Clearly, the woman is a maniac!  The teachers were dying to know if they had dressed themselves, as they could not believe any adult would have participated.  I guess plaid and camouflage are a terrible combo!)

So, I have two sad children.  Both are offering to empty their piggy banks to save the school.  Ideas, anyone?  In this economy, how do we save our school?

Until tomorrow, all.  I hope you are all blessed and well!



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  1. I love reading ur blog. Sorry ur going through this. You sound like u are in good spirits and positive. I like the idea of saving the tatas like a hunted animal on the wall. Hehehe. I will keep u in prayer.

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