I am not certain I spelled that title correctly, but hopefully the Beatles (and later, Patti Lupone) won’t get too irked with me.  Life does go on, as I face a Friday planning a 6th birthday party while trying to finish scheduling the necessary stuff on the health end.

So, I have genetic testing on Wednesday – yay!  I will finally sit down with the oncologist on April 13 — after every single test result has come back.  Now I am waiting for my lawyer to call me back so we can make necessary changes to my will, just in case.  All of this while pondering buttercream frosting, and trying to get a head count as to who is showing up this evening.

It seems today is so logistical that the humor just isn’t around.  Although, based upon some emails I have received, it seems wise to conduct an open forum on how the breasts should be commemorated! 🙂  With that being said, if you have a quirky or crazy idea — feel free to pass it on.  They do say laughter is the best medicine after all.

Last night while we were all in the car, we had our traditional family screaming contest.  Um, yeah, I really don’t know how this became a tradition but we love to scream in the car in this family.  Each of the five kiddos takes their turn, and then gives horror movie suggestions before I scream.  I guess my scream is worthy of an axe murderer tearing through the door, or all the hounds of hell chasing me down.  At least if anyone ever tried to abduct me you wouldn’t be able to miss the screams!

I hope you all continue to be well and happy…


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