Fuzzy Logic…

I know, I know, fuzzy logic is a computer thing.  I just borrowed the concept for the day, since it seems to fit how I am feeling/thinking/processing so well!  So, I have a sinus infection and a kidney infection going right now.  My head is so full, it feels as though I can hardly think at all.

I can’t say the laughter is back yet around here, but things are improving.  There are a lot of things to be happy about, and I am choosing to focus on those things, while trying to ignore that little voice of warning that whispers in my ear.  As I see it, there will be more than enough time to face my fears of surgery and chemo: about five minutes before I go into surgery, and on the day of my first chemo session.

It’s a bit disturbing to be laid up like this.  I have only so many hours in each day where I am functional, and then I am done.  Thank goodness my children love cuddling up to watch movies and read with me, otherwise I would really be in for it.  These days, I swear I just don’t know how my girlfriend puts up with me!

I have a point in here, somewhere I know I do, but my brain just isn’t tracking anymore.  Three months of this nonsense…the gearing up, the waiting, the testing, the waiting…my thoughts are scattered and my spiritual strength is just at a point of, “Let’s go already!!!”


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