Happy Girl…

So, good news at last!  I am thrilled to report that, as things stand, and based on an extensive re-analysis of the tumor, the cancer does not show signs of being invasive. 🙂  I do, however, have the genetic mutation known as BRCA1.  I prefer to think of that one as “the real Slim Shady.”  No idea why, just how I think of it.  Because of that mutation, the ovaries HAVE to go.

So, in two to three weeks I will have two surgeries at once: a bilateral mastectomy, and reconstruction all at once.  I won’t even have to adjust to how I will look without the ta-tas, because I will come home with a new pair.

This brings us to a new question…  Apparently, quite often, new nipples are made out of belly fat.  According to Becky, I don’t have belly fat.  Also according to Becky, she will not be donating any of her belly fat as she deems it “just weird” to have my nipples made out of any part of her body.  So, who wants to donate some belly fat for a good cause????  Picture of new boobs to any takers!  (Okay, people, I do understand that my nipples have to be made from my own tissue, but the idea of any one of my friends – male or female – giving me new nipples just sends me rolling with laughter.)

To celebrate our news, we ventured out with our five children for a fancy dinner.  They behaved so beautifully, we were complimented on our children.  Huge sigh of relief – no small feat when you dine for two hours with a horde.

I am a happy girl, and in all likelihood will be having to nurse my poor girlfriend through the enormous adrenaline dump she is starting to experience.  Poor thing looks as though she has been flattened by a steamroller from the stresses of the last three months.

Thank you all for prayers, good energy, and all those positive thoughts you have been sending my way.  Tonight I am going to sleep the sleep of a woman who will not be losing her hair.  My daughter was so worried about that, it was bigger than cancer for her.  She’s a happy camper tonight too.  My son is still disappointed that surgery has not happened yet, but happy that I will be less sick than we all thought.  Our eldest is happy for me, but disappointed that he will not have the chance to shave my head.  🙂  The best day… So grateful.

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