We are the smart girls…sort of.

So, we celebrated like fools last night.  Slept like the dead with no nightmares, no tossing and turning.  At some point in all of this Becky sagely reminded me that, despite not needing chemo, I do still have cancer and am supposed to be taking it easy.

Sigh.  I overdid it.  I am flat on my back (with my beloved laptop, yay!), in bed with so much fatigue sitting on me it is ridiculous.

All of my imagery that doesn’t relate to breasts has been elephants lately.  All of those things we have had trouble talking about are pink elephants in the corner of the room.  The major breakdown within the family is an elephant trumpeting on the bed.  The pressure that has been on me is an elephant sitting on my chest.  And I am not talking some cute “Dumbo” type beast here — think of the elephants in the movie “300” — scary, armored, angry beast type elephant.  I am beginning to wonder about this elephant thing.  Am I developing some sort of bizarre fetish?  Is this like the cravings of a pregnant woman?  And if so, what on earth would a tumor want with an elephant?

Do you see what happens when I take a pain reliever?  I cease to make any kind of sense.  Coming out of surgery should be hilarious for my loved ones.  I may be completely nonsensical, but I sure am happy and silly.

So, on the agenda these days: tomorrow I have a six hour hair appointment.  I am being treated to this salon day, courtesy of the girlfriend and her family.  I don’t think I have ever had a six hour hair appointment before.  I am feeling just a tiny bit intimidated. 🙂

Off to L.A. in the morning…  Hope the night is beautiful for you all.  Oh, and if the rambling tone of this blog did not warn you: Mercury is in retrograde, and it apparently affects communication skills for the worse.  Heaven help us all…

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