Recent History…#ArchiveDay

The singer once said
that love would have to be spoken
in a song
love I can speak
I can sing
I can give
and feel in every language

but the enmity —
that is the unspeakable
and unspoken

for the judgment
that comes without
of my identity
of my personality
even of words
until the basic sting of my nature
brings itself
front and center
so those natural
cannot survive it


Sleepless restless:
questions roll
through a mind
that will not be still
and solutions
seem to be far off
and fail
chamomile and yoga
finding zen
and no solace
bludgeoning pillows
without relief
is it meaningful
is the bed just too big
am I finally
pushing over an edge
I thought I had reached long ago
and sickness
and the fear that accompany
as I try to breathe
and ignore
those images
that dance across my eyelids
no rest, no rest
until I roam the house
cook up a storm
and wait for dawn


So many dreams
begin with the road
and my feet
are planted here
in this place
and moment
while all of me longs
to run
but not
to run away
for once
I am running to…

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