Friday Philosophy…Witches #ArchiveDay

Clearly, I am not talking about the type of fish. 🙂 If that isn't clear by now, we are in big trouble! To continue my spooky, pre-Halloween theme here, I thought I'd talk about the classic today. Although most reports of witchcraft throughout history had more to do with societal mores than actual witchcraft, witches … Continue reading Friday Philosophy…Witches #ArchiveDay

Tuesday Thoughts…New Normal #ArchiveDay

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while probably remember how much difficulty I had with the concept of my "New Normal." Of course, the delivery of that term was less than stellar. A therapist who asked me what my goals were in recovery from breast cancer told me that I would … Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts…New Normal #ArchiveDay

Pinky and the Brain, in a way…#ArchiveDay

I have always been a champion multi-tasker. Plowing my way through multiple tasks with children talking to me and the phone ringing at the same time has never daunted me.  Under pressure, my thoughts become crystal clear and razor sharp. Or, at least, they used to. As you know, I have been working on rebuilding … Continue reading Pinky and the Brain, in a way…#ArchiveDay

Switchbacks and Setbacks…#ArchiveDay

Life can really take a hairpin turn at times... Well, all the time, I suppose - only I rarely notice it. Somewhere in my mind I had this thought that, once all of my MAJOR surgeries were done, once chemo was behind me, I would just sort of lace up my running shoes and hit … Continue reading Switchbacks and Setbacks…#ArchiveDay


I mentioned earlier that I have been extremely fatigued lately.  I told Lara the other day that I feel like I actually had more energy during chemo, than I do right now.  It seems as though everything has caught up with me, finally, and now I keep having to lie down for a nap. In … Continue reading Dreamscapes…#ArchiveDay

The Reconnection…#ArchiveDay

I had intended to write this post on Friday, after my Reconnective Healing session, but the day literally got away from me (entirely, like a runaway train). While our babies had a playdate with friends, Lara and I each had our first reconnective healing session.  What an eye opener! First of all, Reconnective Healing follows … Continue reading The Reconnection…#ArchiveDay

Recent History…#ArchiveDay

The singer once said that love would have to be spoken in a song love I can speak I can sing I can give and feel in every language but the enmity -- that is the unspeakable and unspoken for the judgment that comes without understanding: of my identity of my personality even of words … Continue reading Recent History…#ArchiveDay