Small world…

Last night was a fun and entertaining evening.  Becky had an old friend she wanted to invite to dinner.  Well, a barbecue to be exact (note to all Catholics and non-Catholics alike: not a wide range of food choices when you host a barbecue on Good Friday).  So, her friend Jo and Jo’s lovely girlfriend Tina came over.  As it turns out, Jo and I not only attended the same high school, but graduated together.  Small town, small world.

As it also turns out, Jo may be the one person I know who doesn’t buy my poker face.  Another note: don’t play poker with her, she is very perceptive.  I had the normal and anticipated questions about how I was feeling (standard answer: “tired, but other than that fine.”).  And when we weren’t surrounded Jo walked up and basically called me on that response, to see if I was really okay.  For some reason, that moves me.  In a good way. 🙂

Today brought with it reminders of some of the limitations upon me during this little adventure.  You see, for those of you who are not here to actually get a visual of me — my first warning sign was excessive fatigue.  My second warning sign was ridiculously excessive brusing.  I look like a victim of domestic violence.  It’s bad.  I even get bruises if the kiddos hug me too enthusiastically.  Not that I tell them that, because I love the hugs.  Well, now I have a new one.  I bent sideways to pick up a toy in the boys’ room, and bumped my ankle – JUST BARELY – on the bedframe.  It hurt.  A lot.  But hey, I figured no big deal!  I must have hit some sort of funny bone in my ankle.  So when I took a step and hit the floor I thought it wasn’t the greatest sign.  Yep.  You guessed it.  Severely injured ankle.  I am in bed (which is fantastic, as I am tired), encased in ice and a brace.  Turns out I bumped some tiny, insignificant little bone in my ankle.  (The equivalent of breaking a pinky toe, except higher.)  Really?!  Now I fracture and break stuff with almost zero effort or exertion on my part?  This is SUCH bad news for someone clumsy like I am.

So, Becky and the kids went to a birthday party without me.  I am home alone.  Unsupervised.  Wow — I hardly even know how to think anymore without the dull roar I usually hear! 🙂

I am hoping to feel better to the point of doing my Easter Bunny impersonation tonight.  I had the chance to do double duty as the Tooth Fairy last night.  Where would I be without these many fun hats I wear?

Love and blessings to all this evening…

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