The Guardian…

So my daughter and I had our girl night last night, with two fantastic girls we adore.  Although I believe we two grown-up ladies enjoyed the film more than our daughters, I think it is safe to say a good time was had by all.

But dinner didn’t begin until about 8:15 pm, and the good two hours of movie time started even later.  I prepared myself for this by napping A LOT during the day yesterday, because I know my energy levels are inconsistent at best.  My girlfriend did a “boy’s night” at home with our combined four sons.

The one thing I didn’t do in anticipation of this event was to tell Beck’s ten year old boy that I would not be coming home until a little after midnight.  As it turns out, Becky’s energy began to flag around 11 o’clock, and her son went ballistic.

My daughter and I returned home to a 10 year old chaperone waiting up for us, practically poking his own eyes out to stay awake.  As he staggered off to bed, he muttered questions ranging from, “Did you like the movie?” to “Why did you stay out so late?  It’s not safe for girls to stay out this late!”

Sigh…At what point do our children decide we are incompetent?  All the way home my daughter gave me the third degree to make sure I wasn’t too tired to navigate the five minute drive.  Then I reach home and get a lecture I haven’t heard since I was about 16.

Now the circle is coming around far sooner than I had ever dreamt it would.  I will know we have reached the realm of the ridiculous when my little 10 year old guardian hands me pepper spray when I go somewhere.

A so far quiet Sunday here, with hopes for some silliness later… Blessings…

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